Hooking with ribbon (yarn)…

This past year I discovered a new kind of yarn. Well, it was new to me, it turns out I was a little late to the ribbon yarn party. But late or not, I was very intrigued and bought several balls of this yarn to see what I could do with it. I started crocheting using Red Heart Super Saver yarns and expanded a bit when I began making dishcloths to small balls of kitchen cotton. Then I began experimenting with Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball and Scarfie yarn. All of these are similar in that they could all be considered string. Ribbon yarn is different. It is nylon fabric ribbon that was created to be used in crochet and knitting projects! My first question was how would it work on the hook? As a hooker I need to make sure I’m using the proper hook for the proper yarn. It turns out that ribbon yarn not only works well with the hook size recommended on the packaging (who would have thought to look there!?), but it creates beautiful stitches with a unique texture.

Now, my least favorite part of crocheting something is sewing in the ends. It is tedious, time consuming, and downright boring. My solution to this has been to look for projects that only require one ball or skein of yarn, and when I must use more (for a larger blanket or afghan) I try to “sew as I go” by working ends into the stitches so all the finishing entails is a few quick snips with my scissors. I did the same thing with the ribbon yarn. I came across several lovely patterns for ponchos and shawls, but these all required several balls each. I eventually came across this pattern:


I made a few of the scarves and named them Scarfettes. Initially, I wasn’t really sure what to do with them, so I took a few to my office and showed a friend to get her opinion. She took one look and said, I think I want to buy it from you!  And that is how I came to introduce the Scarfette as the fashion accessory of the season.

To truly make it a one ball project I cut the fringe first and then use the rest of the ball to make the scarf. I personally wear a black and silver Scarfette as well as a copper and turquoise. My husband also has the black and silver. Other friends and family have purchased or been gifted a variety of colors and I will be making more this year as it comes time for the craft fairs to pick back up.

After the Scarfettes were ready to go I decided to see what else I could hook with ribbon yarn. I used some of the copper to crochet an accent corner to a deep blue shawl. The bright metallic ribbon looks fantastic when contrasted with the deep blue wools.

I also used it as an accent stripe in a wool shrug/cowl that I made. Using complimentary colors of wool made the ribbon yarn really pop as the center of three stripes.

Who knows what else I will make with it this year!

Keep on hooking!

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